Victaulic Introduces FireLock® NXT Series 768N Dry Valve

Victaulic FireLock NXT Series 768N Dry Valve

Victaulic Introduces FireLock® NXT Series 768N Dry Valve

Posted on November 26, 2015

Victaulic, the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical pipe joining and fire protection systems, introduces the new FireLock® NXT Series 768N Dry Valve. Re-engineered by listening to customer’s needs, the new dry valve provides simplified set-up and maintenance for fire protection contractors and fitters while still maintaining the core features and benefits of the original technology.

“The entire idea behind the re-design was to make the valves more intuitive for the average fitter who may or may not have used the products before,” said Daniel Wake, Victaulic product manager for sprinklers and fire protection devices. “We moved the actuator to the front making it more accessible and put the priming manifold down on the right-hand side, in an area that is easy to reach from the front. Sprinkler fitters are going to know by simply looking at it what they have to do, reducing guess work.”

Continuing with Victaulic’s NXT dry valve key features and benefits including low air pressure, single set points, smaller compressors and pre-set pressure switches, the following updates were made to the new and improved design:

  • Specifically engineered threads on the strainer cartridges for the air and priming manifolds make sure you never mix-up a strainer again.
  • Trim divided by air (left) and water (right) lines, and brought to the sides to aide in accessibility.
  • Clearly labeled manifolds reduce trim down to three manifold components – air, priming and alarm manifold, making it a simpler, lighter valve; including less components to install

“Our engineering team has produced simple, well thought-out designs for the manifold components, which allow the valves to be easily serviced and maintained,” adds Wake. “Victaulic’s renowned high quality standards give customers confidence in what they are installing.”

In addition to the re-design, the new valve will also feature a QR code on the front of the valve, which will allow fitters to instantaneously access short videos on installation, set-up, and maintenance, complete installation instructions; and access to technical help with the push of a button (direct call linking to 1-800-Pick-Vic). “This will revolutionize the industry as far as instruction and operational manuals go,” said Wake.

“The simplified design of the NXT dry valve and facilitating this kind of access to information and resources shows the industry how committed Victaulic is to our customers and will continue to be as we move into the future.”

The FireLock NXT Series 768N Dry Valve is available in sizes 1 ½ -8 inches/40-200mm with up to 300 psi/2068 kPa /21 Bar.

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