The Continuing Rise of Women in the Construction Industry

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The Continuing Rise of Women in the Construction Industry

Posted on March 8, 2019

Over the past 10 years, the National Association of Women in Construction says the industry has seen a steady increase in the number of women employed. Although only an estimated 9% of the construction industry is made up of women today, the number is on the rise. And for good reason.

At Victaulic, we understand the value of the female workforce at all levels. We are proud to have some of the brightest talent in the construction industry on our team today. Women who are passionate about the construction industry and who are inspiring the next generation of strong leaders for our company and the industry.


Mia Ciasulli: I share Victaulic’s commitment to shaping the future of the construction industry. 

Mia began her career at Victaulic after owning her own alternative energy company with her husband where she spent much of her time designing systems for customers. At Victaulic, Mia works in the Virtual Design and Construction team. “As a society we are constantly asking ourselves how we can stretch our time,” commented Mia Ciasulli, VDC Special Projects Lead.

When asked what excites her most about the construction industry and working at Victaulic, Mia stated,

“Victaulic is a company that is always looking to the future. We try to see where our industry is going and want to be on the cutting edge whether it is by researching the next big disruptive technology or utilizing our R&D lab to develop valuable new products for our customers.”

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Theresa Clancy: It’s meaningful to introduce new ideas to the construction industry.

Theresa works as a Controls and Actuation Sales Specialist for Victaulic. Her career in construction is driven by a passion for innovation, as well as an appreciation for the changing atmosphere the industry provides. “With construction, no two days are the same,” explained Theresa Clancy, Controls and Actuation Sales Specialist. “Each project is unique and presents its own sets of challenges.”

As a sales specialist, Theresa works closely with other departments to ensure customers have a solution to every construction challenge they may face. “At Victaulic, I’m surrounded by creative thinkers who are progressive and innovative. It’s especially meaningful to introduce new ideas to customers and the construction industry, challenging their way of thinking, ” commented Theresa.


Amanda Comunale: You don’t need to be “handy” to be successful women in the construction industry.

Amanda Comunale serves Victaulic as the Director of Virtual Design and Construction, or VDC. “My current role allows me to use my operational background to bring optimized workflows to the industry using innovative cutting-edge technology,” stated Amanda.

“As project deliverables become more complex, I’m excited to lead a team of project partners who drive industry advancements and streamline construction workflows,” commented Amanda.

Although Amanda’s background in construction is advanced, she believes that anybody with the right mindset can become successful in a construction-related career.

“You don’t have to start with a job in construction to have a career in the industry. You also don’t need to be “handy” to break into the industry. Construction is a diverse and exciting sector of business and is ever changing. We need diverse thinkers, with unique backgrounds to continue growing. What I love about the industry is that it is ever changing, and what continues to bring me to work each day is the diversity of the individuals I get to work with, and the perspectives they bring to the office, the field or the shop,” explained Amanda.

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For more information about women making their mark in the construction industry, watch this recent CBS New York newscast.


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