Victaulic hosts NEWPP Contractors for a Hands-On Training Event in Houston

Victaulic hosts NEWPP Contractor for Large Diameter Pipe Joining Training

Victaulic hosts NEWPP Contractors for a Hands-On Training Event in Houston

Posted on June 15, 2020

On June 11th and 12th, 2020, Victaulic hosted small groups of contractors from the NEWPP job site at the Victaulic Houston regional office. The Victaulic Infrastructure Team held an exclusive training event that addressed grooved system solutions and installation procedures that were tailored to the NEWPP project. Representatives from Balfour Beatty, PLW Waterworks, and McCarthy Building Companies attended the training.

The Northeast Water Purification Plant (NEWPP) Expansion Project was designed to allow the City of Houston to meet the projected water demands while also fulfilling the requirements to shift from groundwater usage to surface water. This large-scale project began in 2018 and is expected to be completed in 2024. At NEWPP, Balfour Beatty, PLW, and McCarthy are responsible for the construction of many of the components, such as the Central Plant, Intake Pump Station, High Service Pump Station, and Deep Concrete Structures.

Victaulic Hosts Large Diameter Pipe Joining Training

All of the contractors will be utilizing several of Victaulic’s solutions for the infrastructure market, such as, dynamic movement, large diameter, and Advanced Grooved System (AGS). As an Infrastructure Manager for Victaulic in South Texas, Victaulic’s Craig West wanted to “provide each of the contractors with the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge with the Victaulic products that they would soon be installing at the NEWPP jobsite.”

During the event, representatives from each of the contractors had the opportunity to work with engineers and specialists from Victaulic to assemble a 72” W77 AGS flexible coupling. Each of the contractors followed the installation instructions and observed how the installation of a Victaulic large diameter coupling is simple to install. The contractors also participated in Victaulic bolted split sleeve, HDPE, and fabrication demonstrations.

Victaulic Hosts Large Diameter Pipe Joining Training

“We wanted to provide formal training classes for each of the contractors on the correct installation procedures in a controlled environment so that they are confident and effective at installing Victaulic large diameter solutions in the field.” Victaulic’s Craig West commented that the training experience “strengthened the confidence that each of the contractors has in Victaulic’s solutions for the infrastructure market.”

To learn more about Victaulic’s Advanced Grooved Solutions (AGS), click here.
To learn more about Victaulic’s Dynamic Movement Joint, click here.


Victaulic is the leading producer of mechanical pipe joining solutions. Engineered with confidence, our solutions put people to work faster, while increasing safety, ensuring reliability and maximizing efficiency.

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