From small diameter to large diameter, PVC Reusable and numerous other options, our pipe joining product solutions are the choice of discerning engineers, contractors and site owners.
With hundreds of fittings and a range of adapters in copper and stainless steel, Victaulic specializes in delivering product solutions that not only meet but exceed customers’ demands, solving even the most daunting coupling challenges.
Our hydraulic control valves are available in level-control, pressure-reducing and pressure-release configurations to be paired with a variety of piping material and joining systems.
At Victaulic, we’re respected worldwide for producing the most advanced fire suppression systems on the market today. Available in two configurations, each is a Hybrid Nitrogen-Water system.
We provide an array of tools designed with the most complex jobs in mind and manufactured to exacting standards.
Whatever the application or configuration, we provide an array of superior-quality sprinklers to accommodate the project at hand.