TOPIC: Heritage

Victaulic’s heritage is characterized by long-standing traditions of innovation, excellence and customer satisfaction in all of the products and services we’ve provided from the inception of the Victory Pipe Joint Company in 1919. Since its founding, the enthusiasm Victaulic exhibited for designing and manufacturing unprecedented pipe joining solutions to resolve some of the construction industry’s difficult and costly obstacles quickly gained them a reputation as industry leaders. View More

More than ten decades later, this same enthusiasm for developing new ingenious solutions continues through the drive and passion of their dedicated employees. Today, Victaulic continues in their tradition as industry innovators with a portfolio of over 100,000+ products and patented technologies that offer mechanical pipe joining solutions around the world. They intend to maintain their heritage by staying at the forefront of the markets they serve through customer collaboration and continuous improvement.

The below collection of blog posts emphasizes the impact Victaulic’s 100-year heritage has had and continues to have on the company’s initiative to engineer award-winning, customer praised and precedent-setting solutions for the construction industry.

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Close-up of fire sprinkler head discharging water

Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!

We put together a fire preparedness infographic to raise awareness for fire prevention and escape plans.

Victaulic worker on production line - Forks Foundry 2013

4 Myths of American Manufacturing

Harmful myths about American manufacturing have misled Americans & discouraged young workers from pursuing careers in manufacturing.

Hoover Dam

Mastering Innovation in the Face of Stagnation

What started with a single product & a vision to transform the pipe joining industry has become something much bigger with innovation guiding the way.

Armco Steel Corporation Butler Works B-73 Yard Locomotive

Withstanding the True Test of Time During the Depression

Victaulic's grooved coupling durability has been demonstrated by the 87 year lifespan of the Armco Steel Corporation B-73 locomotive. Read more here.

Roxana Petroleum Corp. 2

How to Engineer Heritage

See how Victaulic trailblazed the industry with inventive technologies that have put them at the forefront of innovation & technology.

Victaulic NFPA 2017 Booth

In Case You Missed It: NFPA 2017 Boston

A NFPA recap including the newest innovations showcased: Construction Piping Services, Victaulic Vortex™, VicFlex™ & Hydraulic Control Valves